Fan Of The New Seekers, Especially Paul Layton

This is where you may find a lot of The New Seekers and Peter Doyle Songs…


It’s 4th August!!!!!!

Today is a very special day,

Unlike any other Tuesday,

It is┬áthe day of someone’s birthday,

Many happy returns, Paul Layton!

I can’t believe I forgot to post the birthday wish for last year! I was totally busy. I’m so sorry for not updating for ages… I’ll try to do it when I can…

Last but not least, THE BIRTHDAY SONG AND PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

It is sad when you cannot find Sweet Louise, Me and My Guiter and Idaho on Youtube….. Oh well… At least something happy!

Paul Layton


What a beautiful picture and a melodious song….


Happy birthday Paul Layton! Love you forever!